Grasmere Parish Magazine 

February – March 2021

Welcome to this online edition of Grasmere Parish Magazine. With Covid-19 likely to affect the distribution of printed copies, we decided to publish online only for this edition. We would be interested to receive any comments on this new online format.

Magazine Information

Our editorial policy can be found here.

Copy date

Copy date is 18th March 2021 for the next edition covering April – May 2021. Our contact page has details on how to send copy.


Take Another Look

The writer Kathleen Norris* tells the story of an old man she knew who had been diagnosed with cancer. In his illness he had reached for a Bible which had been given to him and his wife on their Wedding Day by his Grandfather. The man confessed that he had never really bothered with it. (more…)

St. Oswald’s News

Advent and Christmas

It was lovely to welcome our children to Church in the weeks before Christmas for their weekly Worship Time, (more…)

Luke in 40 days

– taking another look at Jesus.

This Lent we are invited to focus on getting to know Jesus through a pattern of readings which will take us through the Gospel of Luke. (more…)

WI News

In December we held a Zoom Christmas Party. There were games, songs, stories and poems. Thanks to everyone who took part and made this such an enjoyable afternoon. (more…)

Knit and Nat

We, knitters and natters, would like to send our good wishes to all readers of the magazine for 2021; we hope the year improves and we will be able to meet up again with friends and neighbours sooner rather than later. (more…)

Crisis Christmas 2020 Appeal

As we were compiling the December Magazine we were very moved by the Crisis appeal for the homeless, (more…)

Rushbearing 2021

We are in the very early stages of preparation with a weather eye on global events, but should anyone have any suggestions for widening the scope of a possible virtual Rushbearing or be willing to help out with the actual event if allowed, please note the date Saturday 10th July 2021 (more…)

Events at Wordsworth Grasmere

If you are looking for something creative to help you through the current lockdown, at Wordsworth Grasmere we still have plenty of events and groups taking place (more…)

Reimagining Wordsworth

Events at University of Cumbria

For the next event in our Changing Perceptions of a Cultural Landscape event series we are very pleased to welcome Jeff Cowton MBE, whose topic will be “Poetry that will live and do good: Reimagining Wordsworth”(more…)

Grasmere Book Group

Our January meeting brought a whole host of reading suggestions for the coming year. Following some lively discussion of potential books, the reading schedule looks like this: (more…)

Allan Bank

We were thrilled to re-open Allan Bank on 4th December. It was a good opportunity to view the large scale portraits of Wordsworth, Coleridge and Rawnsley drawn by Sarah Jackman. Despite the inclement weather, visitors were pleased to stretch their legs in the beautiful surroundings. (more…)

Grasmere Village Society

Happy New Year to you all. Perhaps happy is not the word that most readily springs to mind at the moment. (more…)

Laurence Harwood 1933 – 2020

Tributes have been pouring in after the death of Laurence Harwood (more…)

Grasmere Sports and Show

We have been busy behind the scenes over the past year planning our event for 2021. We have also had a few changes with new Directors, and a new Chairman Mr John Hibbert. (more…)

Lakes Parish Council Newsletter

Hello and welcome to another Parish Newsletter. This Newsletter is produced to inform the residents of the Parish about the work of the Parish Council over the last few months and to inform you of the role undertaken by your unpaid Parish Councillors on your behalf. (more…)