Grasmere Parish Magazine  February – March 2021

Events at Wordsworth Grasmere

If you are looking for something creative to help you through the current lockdown, at Wordsworth Grasmere we still have plenty of events and groups taking place over Zoom and most of them are free.

Our 2021 contemporary poetry reading series, “Go to the poets, they will speak to thee”, is curated and hosted by poet Kim Moore. We will be listening to what poets have to say about our turbulent times, and how poetry can cross borders to challenge, delight and inspire us. Each event in the series is part reading, part open mic, and the featured guest poet and open mic theme change each month. On Wednesday 10th February our guest is Anthony Anaxagorou, reading from his latest collection After the Formalities. On Wednesday 24th March Seán Hewitt will be launching his much-anticipated debut collection Tongues of Fire.

Discover Poetry is a lively group hosted by poet Polly Atkin, and next meets on Thursday 18th February and 18th March. Share your thoughts and ideas about a selection of classic and contemporary poems inspired by the changing seasons – as well as a wildcard poem reflecting on current events.

Dove Cottage Poets is an informal poetry-writing group that meets for conversation, collaboration, and friendly critique. Meetings range from member-led sessions on a particular theme or technique to sharing poems that members have written or enjoyed. They next meet on Thursday 4th February and 4th March.

Dove Cottage Young Poets is a group for Cumbrians aged 14-21 that meets fortnightly to read, discuss and write poetry with contemporary poet Kim Moore. Young writers can also work towards a Bronze, Silver or Gold Arts Award, attend and perform at poetry events and meet other young writers. They next meet on 5th February, 19th February, 5th March and 19th March. Email Zoe McLain at for more information.

All the above events take place online and are booked through our website,

Hannah Catterall, Events Officer, Wordsworth Grasmere